Welcome To Our FREE Webcast

Here are the details of the webcast:


1. This is a live webcast conducted by our DBN Team

2. This webcast will reveal to you one of the best business model of this century

3. The DBN Webcast is our hi-tech tool to expand our 4life biz worldwide.

4. The webcast is held occassionally as needed. Please contact the person who invited you and fix an appointment.

5. It is totally FREE


Simply Click on the button below,

at least 15 minutes before the appointed time



1. Click on the button above

2. Enter your first name folllowed by your location and then your introducer.

Example, your name is John and you are from Kuala Lumpur. Your introducer is Mary.

This is what you should enter: John-KL-Mary

3. You need adobe flash player. You can download for free.

4. If you are using iPhone or iPad you need puffin browser apps.

5. It is best to attend using your PC.

   Use this link: http://www.gvolive.com/conference,72239345

6. We look forward to your attendance

7. If you have problem please email our support here: support@mis2u.com


When you click on the link above you'll see the screen below..

Under 'your name' enter your name-location-name of referrer.

Make sure that 'I am moderator' is checked 'No'.

Then just click 'sign In'.